Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Protractor JAVA: Writing a simple script using Jprotractor jar file

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In this blog i would like to walk through to write a simple program in Java to calculate sum of  2 numbers in Angular application: 

  • ·         Create a new project in eclipse editor
  • ·         Add Selenium java client drivers to your project
  • ·         Add above created Jprotractor jar file to your project
  • ·         Create a package and create  a class
  • ·         Write a command to launch chrome driver as below: ·          

  • System.setProperty("webdriver.chrome.driver", "C:\\Users\\uname\\Downloads\\chromedriver_win32\\chromedriver.exe");
            WebDriver driver= new ChromeDriver();
    ·         Create an object to NgWebdriver a below:
    NgWebDriver nDriver= new NgWebDriver(driver);
    ·         Write webdriver commands using nDriver as shown in below code snippet: 

NgBy.Modal, NgBy.buttonText(): we have 10-12 supported methods are there which you can get detailed information from the below link only https://github.com/sergueik/jProtractor

We will see how to write few more programs using this jar file in next tutorial

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Protractor : How to use JAVA programming language for protractor

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As you are aware we have to use NodeJS in writing code for protractor to automate angular JS application.

In this post i would like to give you an idea how can we write protractor code using java programming language.

We need a jar file which supports Protractor methods and we need to add that jar file to our eclipse editor which is JProtractor.

Please find the below steps to create JProtractor jar file:

  • ·         Download the code from this location as shown below: https://github.com/sergueik/jProtractor

  • ·         Unzip the downloaded folder
  • ·         Open the command prompt
  • ·         Switch to the folder exactly we have above downloaded zip file
  • ·         Remove the java folder from this location src/test/java
  • ·         mvn clean package
  • ·         it will take sometime to generate jar file
  • ·         You can find the jar file from the below location

·         C:\developer\username\jProtractor\target\jprotractor-1.2-SNAPSHOT.jar

In the next post we are going show an example how to write a program in your eclipse editor

Surendra Jaganadam

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

APPIUM : Basic program to launch application in device and Emulator

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In this session we discussed about how to launch the application in the real device and emulator


Surendra jaganadam

WebDriver: Webtable handling

Hi All,

In this session we are going to discuss about handling of webtables



WebDriver: AutoIT 3rd party tool

Hi All,

In this session we are going to discuss about AutoIT and how can we integrate with webdriver



Thursday, 22 June 2017

APPIUM : Desired capabilities

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In this session we discussed about desired capabilities which we need to pass to server

Kindly have a look into below video:



Wednesday, 21 June 2017

WebDriver: Multiple windows handling & Actions class concept

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In this session we discussed about:

·         Handling Multiple Windows
·         Actions class
·         Mouse hover
·         Right click
·         Sorting

Kindly have a look into below link: 


For further details please drop me an email to surendra.jaganadam@gmail.com

Surendra Jaganadam

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

WebDriver : Handling of frames

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In this session we are going to discuss about handling of frames using webdriver.

Kindly have a look into below link:



APPIUM basic concepts & Eclipse configuration

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In this session we covered about :

Settingup a basic project
Appium API Reference

Kindly have a look into below link:


Surendra Jaganadam

Monday, 19 June 2017

APPIUM locators and creating emulator

Hi All,

In this session we are going to discuss about creating of emulators and overview on UI automater tool.


Surendra Jaganadam

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

APPIUM: How to identify object properties- Part 1

Hi All,

In this session we will cover object identification techniques .

Kindly have a look into below video:



Monday, 12 June 2017

APPIUM: Appium- Prerequisites & Installation for Windows , overview on Appium desktop version

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In this session we covered about:

  • Configuration for APPIUM on windows
  • overview on APPIUM desktop version and its features
  • how to identify object properties in desktop version

Have a look into below video: 


Kindly drop us an email to surendra.jaganadam@gmail.com for any questions.


Thursday, 8 June 2017

WebDriver: Differences between findElement and findElements

Return Type
List(java. Util) list of webElements
if the object was not there
no such element found exception comes into picture
list will return 0 element , it don’t throw any exceptions here
how it will find
In the HTML page it will search for the object with the specified property. If there are multiple objects with the same property then it will perform action on the 1st object only
This method will find all the elements in the entire webpage with the specified locators

APPIUM: Various types of mobile apps and networks

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In this session we are going to study about:

  • various mobile networks
  • Different types of mobile apps 
  • Various sensors and interfaces

Kindly have  a look into below video: 


In the next session we are going to study about confirmation on Windows


Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Jenkins: Execute testng tests from Jenkins


Ø  Click on Build Now link
Ø  This will execute the build
Ø  Click on #1 to see the status of execution:
Ø  Below screen will display :
Ø  Click on console output to see details about the success r failure.

Jenkins: Create TESTNG batch file for JENKINS

Steps :

·         Create a JAVA project and add selenium libraries to that project

Create a testng test case and write basic program
·         Create testng xml file and call above test case
Project hierarchy:
·         Open notepad
·         Paste below code into the notepad:
set projectLocation=C:\Projects\Sample
cd %projectLocation%
set classpath=%projectLocation%\bin;%projectLocation%\lib\*
java org.testng.TestNG %projectLocation%\testng.xml
·         Give unique name.bat  as below
·         Once it got created it will display as below
·         We need to create this file within the project location

Add testng tests to Jenkins:

1.      Once after we successfully logged into Jenkins using http://localhost:8080 you can see below screen

1.                                                       2. Click on create new jobs
3.      Give  a name and select “Free style project” as below

4.      Hit ok button at the botton 

                           5.      Click on advanced
                           6.      Select use custom workspace checkbox

                           7.      Enter project location to the text field as below: 
                          8.      Click on add build steps from build options 
                          9.      Select “Execute window batch command” 
                           10.      Specify the batch which we created for testng and specify the name of that file here. 

                              11.      Click on save button below screen will display

Jenkins: What is Jenkins and its installation steps

What is Jenkins?
Jenkins is an leading open source continuous integration server built with Java developed by Hudson lab. It is cross-platform and can be used on Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Solaris environments.
Specifically for a test only project, it is used to schedule jobs for regression testing without manual intervention and hence monitor infrastructural and functional health of a application. It can be used like a scheduler for integration testing and also can be used to validate new deployments/environments on a single click on a Build now button .

Advantages :
·         Jenkins is an open source tool with much support from its community.
·         Installation is easier.
·         It has more than 1000 plug-in to make the work easier.
·         It is easy to create new Jenkins plugin if one is not available.
·         It is a tool which is written in Java. Hence it can be portable to almost all major platforms.

1.      Download Jenkins.war file from this link

2.      Copy the downloaded file and paste it in C Drive
3.      Open the command prompt and change directory to where the “Jenkins.war” copied using cd..
4.      In my case I kept my .war in C drive hence after opening the command prompt I am tying cd.. for 2 times to navigate to C drive where .war was copied
5.      Type  java –jar Jenkins.war and hit enter button

1.      Below message will display :

1.      Once Jenkins is up and running then in the browser open this URL : http://localhost:8080
2.      When we open above URL it will ask password by specifying a location , goto that location and the get the security key and update it in password and click on next button
3.      Below screen will display after successful login :

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

APPIUM: Introduction to mobile testing and overview on mobile devices

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In this session we discussed about :

  1. User expectation on mobile app's
  2. points we need to remember while testing mobile app's
  3. various mobile devices and OS's
  4. How to identify a right device
  5. Mobile testing facts

Kindly have a look into below link : 

Kindly drop us an email to surendra.jaganadam@gmail.com for running notes.


Friday, 2 June 2017

APPIUM Limitations

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In this post i would like to discuss about limitations of Appium.


Kindly have a look into this video and let me know if you have any questions


APPIUM architecture overview

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Hope you are doing good.

In this session i would like to give you an overview on APPIUM which covers :

  • What is Appium
  • Advantages
  • Architecture
Kindly have a look into below video:


Let us know if you need any further information from myend

Surendra Jaganadam